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Ultra-Clean™ Pacifier Sanitizer
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Ultra-Clean™ Pacifier Sanitizer
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When the baby’s pacifier rolls across the supermarket floor, the only option is to wipe it off and give it back along with the germs tracked-in by the shoppers.  Now the Ultra-Clean™ Pacifier Sanitizer can instantly disinfect the pacifier without water or chemicals.


  • Portable, fits in palm of hand, stores in pocket, purse or hangs from stroller
  • Battery operated (2,  AA alkaline)
  • Fast, Ultra-cleans pacifier in 3~5 seconds
  • Stores a pacifier in sterilizer, its Ultra-Clean & ready for instant use
  • Design ensures pacifier must be properly inserted to begin Ultra-Cleaning Process
  • Optional UV-sensitive replacement indicator may be printed on pacifier mouth-guard
  • Designed for specific pacifier shape to promote brand loyalty in replacements


  • Simply insert pacifier into sterilizer unit until it “clicks” in place*
  • Cleaning cycle begins automatically (red LED flashes during cleaning cycle)
  • Wait 3~5 seconds for flashing green LED – it is now Ultra-cleaned for baby
  • Remove pacifier and replace with used pacifier (it will be automatically cleaned and ready for instant use later)

*Visible debris should be removed from pacifier before inserting into Ultra-Clean sterilizer

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